Seniors Living Smarter Presents Our October Webinar LIVE Via Zoom — please join us from the comfort and safety of your home via smart phone, tablet or computer on Thursday, October 16 when we discuss "Moving forward, gracefully"

The Seniors Living Smarter Seminars are presented monthly by Certified Senior Downsizing Coach® Virginia Lazenby as a service to seniors, their families, and the community. The goal of the free seminars is to equip, educate, and inspire seniors to make informed choices and empowered decisions concerning their lifestyle goals. Please join us for this series of very candid and real conversations about the unique and often complex housing-related issues facing seniors and their families. Responding to recent increases in COVID-19 infections and meeting the needs of our community, Seniors Living Smarter is again presenting via Zoom. You can attend free from the comfort and safety of your own home via your laptop, tablet or smartphone!  

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 Join us via Zoom on Thursday, October 14, as Seniors Living Smarter explores “Moving forward, gracefully,” recognizing how the concept of retirement has changed in recent years. Instead of riding off into the sunset, today’s seniors are seizing on the realities of longer life expectancy and enhanced physical well-being while enjoying what many consider to be the new “golden years.“ 

Welcome to The Third Act! Expert observers of seniors define it as a new reality of self worth, life satisfaction, happiness, and emotional well-being that can be as good or better than any previous period of our lives. To understand The Third Act, we have recruited a panel of representatives from local and online groups to highlight programs and opportunities ranging from academic, to fitness, to adventure who will discuss:

  • How can you reimagine yourself in this age of personal fulfillment?
  • Why is purpose and staying active so important? 
  • What is the spectrum of opportunities available in and around Georgetown? 

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