Moving Mom and Dad

Avoid the common mistakes that adult children of aging parents make.

At Seniors Living Smarter Services we understand that those in the position of helping elder homeowners and family members face a series of decisions and responsibilities when navigating late-life moves. While every situation is unique, late-life transitions can pose often unexpected, emotional and physical challenges.

We commonly see adult children of aging parents make mistakes that causes added stress to the elder homeowner when attempting to assist in late-life moves. The good news is - you don't have to make these mistakes! You can download our short brochure — 5 Common Mistakes Adult Children of Aging Parents Make and How to Avoid Them by clicking the button below. You will get an email to download the brochure. In this brochure you will get our proactive tips to help you, as you prepare to assist your elder homeowner make their next move.

Is the thought of taking care of this big move by yourself too much to imagine? Are you ready for the help of Seniors Living Smarter Services to guide you as you make the big decisions for your parents or relatives? Contact us TODAY, not only will we provide a complimentary consultation but we will also provide you with our in-depth and interactive Moving Mom & Dad Guide. When you partner with Seniors Living Smarter Services we will be right there beside you for support and guidance. Our priority is to equip and empower you – partnering together – giving you the added courage necessary to be the best possible guide for transitioning elders in your life.

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