Sun City Frequently Asked Questions

Your Real Estate Questions- Answered

I’m interested in “trying out” Sun City before buying a house. Are there rentals available?
There are houses in Sun City available for lease, generally six months is the  minimum number of months a property may be leased, although there are some available for three months.  Lease properties are generally unfurnished; arrangements can be made for leasing furniture. For information on leasing, please contact us.

I’m interested in buying a house in Sun City now but will not be ready to move there for another year or two.  Is it possible to purchase a home and then put it up for lease until I’m ready to move there?
Yes, you can buy a home and then lease it.  Contact us for information on ERA Colonial Real Estate’s Property Management services.

What are the age restrictions for buying a home in Sun City?
There is not an age-restriction for purchasing a home in Sun City. There are age-restrictions for living in Sun City – one person in the household must be at least 55-years of age.

We want our grandchildren to be able to stay with us for extended times, is that possible in Sun City?
Yes, children under the ages of 18 can stay for up to three months.  In June there are two one-week Junior Camps.  This is a great time for children to visit as there are special activities for them during the days.  For additional information contact us.

Is there RV storage available in Sun City?
RV storage is not available in Sun City, but there are storage facilities nearby include McDonald’s Self Storage ( and Arrington’s Self Storage (

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