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At Seniors Living Smarter Services, we understand that making a move can often feel both complicated and stressful. That is exactly why we work with you to develop a plan of action to ease you from your current home to your next home. Starting with your end goal of where you are moving, we can coordinate all the services and resources to provide solutions. (Learn more...)

Our coordination removes the overwhelming anxiety form the home sale and relocation process, leaving you feeling equipped, empowered, and overjoyed as you make these important lifestyle changes. Whether you’re looking for a little help getting started, or you want to delegate every detail of your move, we are here for you, ready to tailor our extensive menu of services to suit your special needs.(Learn more...)

Meet Your Downsizing Coach: Virginia Lazenby

Virginia knows well that buying or selling a home can seem overwhelming. Her goal is to bring order to the process by providing resources, support, and structure.

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Aging in Place

Retirement or Downsizing - It's Your Choice

Maybe you’re approaching retirement or maybe you’re ready for a more carefree life without home ownership. You might be asking yourself, where now and what next? You'll find the answers at Seniors Living Smarter.

Seniors Living Smarter offers solutions for seniors who are retiring AND to seniors who have enjoyed their retirement years but are wanting to downsize again by moving to a more carefree senior living community.

Seniors Living Smarter will help you discover the possibilities that await you and the opportunities to experience Living Better, Living Wiser and Living More Fulfilled. Here you’ll find all the resources and information you need. Stay awhile, look around and don't hesitate to ask questions. We are here to serve seniors.

Brought to you by the Seniors Living Smarter Services Team and Virginia Lazenby

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